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Wazirabad is famous for its cutlery products. The origin of Wazirabad cutlery industry can be traced back to the invasion of India by Alexander the Great. The legend goes that cutlery items were repaired by local craftsmen and the magnificence of the repairs carried out was much appreciated. Even prior to independence, Wazirabad was famous throughout India for its good quality cutlery products and knives. 

During 1880s the local inhabitants of Wazirabad were producing arms and ammunition of indigenous nature for the use of British Army and Allied forces used these arms during World War I. Products made of iron and steel, including Bayonet, Karpan, Knives, Swords & Daggers and other similar items were popular in all parts of India. In 1909 industrial units started setting up in Wazirabad and there was time when the Wazirabad was considered an icon for manufacturing these items. We are Reshaping Steel Since 1951.

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Welcome to, Your Number one source for all kinds of Handmade Knives and Blades. We’re dedicated to providing you the very Best of Knives and Sharp Blades, with an emphasis on Handmade Knives & Blades, Super Quality Steel and Custom Beauty.

Knife Making is an Art and We thoroughly Enjoy it. We hope you Enjoy our Knives as Much as We Enjoyed Making them. They each have their Own Story which is what Makes them very Special and Unique. We are Making Handmade Art of Knives & Blades Since Generations in a Small Town Wazirabad (City of Cutlery), Punjab. OUR ALL KNIVES ARE HANDMADE, DURABLE AND UNIQUE.

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Best Knives Hub is a family-owned business passed on generation after generation. Since generations our focus on quality and durability. We don’t just produce knives – We help make memories.

Customize your knife with many blade and handle options, and much more. you can even further personlized your knife with engraving.

As a Leader in Blades industry we understand the importance of quality and durability.

You can give order of anything which you want to made from us.

We focus on Good Quality & Reasonable price with Fast Shipping.

Our work quality is our insurance.

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Client Testimonials

“2 years ago I purchased one of your knives for deer hunting. It has been the best knife I have ever owned.”
- Al Ficarella
“So far the best Knives i have ever owned! Amazing,solid quality for a great and very fair price. Customer Servic is Best.”
- Kim Yoo
“Thank you for your very kind service. I received my knife after nine days and it is perfect. Your customer service is the greatest.”
- Leo Walters

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